A DR upgrade for Harefield

Assistant imaging manager Kathryn Griffiths with senior radiographers Denise Arthur, Rick Jones and Rebecca Dosso.  On the table is senior radiographer Jacqueline Randell.


Harefield Hospital in West London has installed a Philips direct radiography system.    The new equipment, which is used almost exclusively for chest x-rays, is a replacement for an existing system and consists of a DigitalDiagnost with dual detectors and the Eleva 2.0 software platform.  


Assistant imaging manager Kathryn Griffiths commented: “We have a high turnover of patients with complex cardiothoracic conditions.   The importance of high quality images at low dose, together with a streamlined workflow, is therefore paramount to us.  


“The move from an old retrofit CR/DR room to a fully functional DR room was a big step forward in achieving this.   


“We chose the DigitalDiagnost for its high image quality, flexibility and ease of use.   The unit gives us DR images no matter what mobility and ability the patient may have, with minimal dose to the patient.   


“The ease-of-use of DR equipment allows a fast turnover with minimal post- processing required.”  


See the full report on page 2 of the July 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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