A UK debut for EP Cockpit cardio system

In the back row are (from left) Philips regional sales specialist Steve Oliver, cardiovascular sales specialist Simon Wilsdon, deputy director of facilities at Blackpool Barry McEwan, Philips managing director John Atwill, associate director of operations at Blackpool Mark Chapman and Philips customer service contract specialist Christine Hartridge.  In front are senior EP technician Gillian Burnett, cardiology sister Sue Arthur and senior radiographer Isobel Nelson.


Celebrating its fortieth birthday this year, The Lancashire Cardiac Centre recently acquired its third Philips Biplane Cardiac Cath Lab the first cockpit system to be installed in the UK, enabling Pacing and EP cases to be conducted in a purpose-built environment.


The Biplane EP Cockpit combines the Allura Xper FD10/10 biplane cardiovascular system with innovations designed specifically for EP interventions.  


It therefore helps make the EP lab less cluttered and more efficient by creating a more intuitive working environment and integrating data management across the EP care cycle. 


Philips’ integrated solution enables all EP equipment to be organised on one movable ceiling mounted rack.  Workflow can be simplified by controlling all monitors from a single point, with the facility to place any image on any monitor in the examination or control room eliminating extra keyboards and mice. 


The Lancashire Cardiac Centre has a catchment area across Lancashire and South Cumbria.   


Senior radiographer Isobel Nelson said: “Several factors influenced our decision to go with Philips again.  Image quality at a dose level acceptable to the clinicians was certainly an important point.  In addition, we liked the simple user interface and Philips’ record on service and reliability.”  


See the full report on page 4 of the November 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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