Aberdeen Royal enhances MSK ultrasound service with two further platforms

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s rheumatology team has purchased two Esaote MyLab 9 ultrasound systems to join an existing Esaote MyLab 60.

The department of rheumatology has been using musculoskeletal ultrasound since 2008 for the early detection of synovitis, and assessment and monitoring of inflammatory arthritis.  Dr Hazem Youssef and Dr Nicola Alcorn are EFSUMB certified level II rheumatology sonographers and Scottish Rheumatology Ultrasound Group certified tutors, mentors and examiners, using ultrasound in their day-to-day practice.

Dr Youssef has mentored a rheumatology physiotherapy colleague to certification by SRUG and Glasgow Caledonian University. Together with senior physiotherapist Aimee Urqhuart, Dr Alcorn and Dr Youssef run diagnostic ultrasound lists for the department for diagnosis of inflammatory joint disease and guided injections of difficult joints.

With Esaote’s latest 24MHz transducer and dual scan mode, Dr Alcorn has gained greater confidence in temporal artery and GCA assessment due to significant improvement in B-mode resolution and colour sensitivity.  She is developing a fast-track assessment pathway in conjunction with ophthalmologist colleagues.

Esaote’s recently-released MyLab 9 has award-winning ergonomics and easy operation, while eStreaming allows live scanning to be reviewed by a selected team member on their phone, tablet or PC. This assists with remote mentoring of learners, particularly when experienced rheumatology consultants in the department are training and mentoring AHPs within the department on the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Picture: Senior rheumatology physiotherapist Aimee Urqhuart with consultant rheumatologists Dr Nicola Alcorn and Dr Hazem Youssef.

Published on page 13 of the June 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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