Kingsmoor Publications Limited was incorporated on October 31, 1973.

Trading commenced in June 1975 with the publication of the first issue of RAD, an eight page free magazine distributed to radiographers within the London and Home Counties.

The first issues were well received, and news of the new publication spread across the country.  Requests were received for copies from radiographers outside of the original distribution area and by issue number three, distribution was being made to the whole of the United Kingdom.

The magazine continued in its A4 format until December 1978.

In January 1979 the format was changed to A3 and the title changed to RAD for Radiographers, incorporating the Consultant Radiologist and Radiotherapist.  At the same time distribution to consultant radiologists and radiotherapists commenced.

At this stage the publication was produced on newsprint by the web-offset process.

This continued until February 1980 when production was changed to sheet-fed litho and the quality of paper improved.

The title RAD for Radiographers, Radiologists and Radiotherapists was introduced in November 1981 and remained until January 1987 when the present title RAD Magazine was introduced.

On March 13, 2009 the magazine’s first website was launched.

The publication is owned by one of the original founders and managed by his daughter, with a small staff committed to producing a quality publication.

Today, after nearly 50 years of publication, we believe our unique background and knowledge of the field and publishing, has contributed to the continued success and growth of RAD Magazine.

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