Agency staff can keep track of their own dose

Reporting on their collaboration at The College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme seminar are Phoebe Sprinz and Ron Dearden of Jennie Reeves Radiographers Agency.

Jennie Reeves Radiographers Agency has reported positive feedback from its imaging professionals who have been able to monitor their doses as they move between placements.

With staff transferring between departments it had proved challenging to track radiation exposure levels by location and amount received.  The agency relied upon staff members to send in their radiation badges for processing via post.

In 2015, instadose dosmiters from Mirion Technologies were introduced, which allow dose reads to be performed online from any internet enabled computer, simplifying administration, reducing costs and allowing dose reports to be maintained online.

Jennie Reeves’ Phoebe Sprinz said: “The instadose dosimeter has had an amazingly positive impact for us.  Once a staff member is finished with a placement, they perform a dose read.  They can keep track of dose by location and share that information or discrepancies with the departments they are placed in.  The transition went smoothly, with excellent support and training and it is great to be part of something at the cutting edge of personal monitoring technology.”

See the full report on page 4 of the April 2016 issue of RAD Magazine.

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