Agfa radiology solutions share intelligent technology to make every x-ray count

At UKIO 2024, Agfa Radiology Solutions will share the power of intelligent technology to make every x-ray count. With accurate and high quality diagnostic information from the first image taken, retakes are reduced, speeding up workflows and enhancing the experience of radiologist, radiographer and patient.

Visitors to the Agfa booth can discover the mobile DR 100s that has some new feature enabling fast, high quality DR imaging, with excellent manoeuvrability and ease of use.

Agfa’s full range of AI tools and assistants will be shown, such as SmartXR and ScanXR, both embedded in the intuitive Musica Workstation. Within ScanXR, visitors can experience:

  • CriticalScan – powered by Lunit Inisght CXR. Active in the background, it identifies suspicious critical pathologies, ensuring that images with key diagnostic information can be immediately marked as high priority already at the point of care,
  • DensityScan (yet to be CE-marked) – powered by IBEX BH enables earlier identification of patients with a high risk of osteoporosis during ordinary x-ray imaging, and helps bridge the diagnosis gap for osteoporosis to improve patients’ quality of life, ensure healthcare equity, and enable cost savings.

The full portfolio will be showcased on the Radiology Forum, a digital 3D real-time platform. “Why not try out Musica Play?” suggests Agfa. “Through clinical images, visitors can compare standard image processing to the Musica image processing technology for diverse clinical applications. A quiz for radiographers and life demonstrations on new technologies will round off the programme.”

Visit Agfa at UKIO 2024 on stand B23.

Picture: Agfa’s mobile DR 100s has features to enable fast DR imaging.

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