AI in breast imaging could help meet current service challenges

Currently two factors are helping to determine diagnostic workflow in mammography, says ScreenPoint Medical. One is the uncertainty on working practice across the healthcare sector by the COVID-19 situation and the other is UK workforce shortage in clinical radiology, which is increasing year-on-year according to the latest annual census from The Royal College of Radiologists.

Provider of breast AI decision support ScreenPoint Medical believes that Transpara AI would help the radiological community get back up to speed quickly to deal with its increased workload once restrictions are lifted. Quick to install and train across a range of mammography systems, Transpara is FDA cleared and CE marked for 2D and 3D studies.

“According to various international societies, most breast screening and diagnostic examinations are likely to be delayed due to the current global COVID-19 situation. This places a huge burden on healthcare providers as the backlog of patients starts to build,” states the company.

“Transpara AI is clinically proven to be as good as radiologists. Exam Score identifies mammograms that are at higher risk of harbouring abnormalities to help effectively prioritise screening. Transpara can help maintain high levels of accuracy and consistency during this uncertain period.

“Maybe more importantly in the long term, its ‘second pair of eyes’ will shorten the journey back to normality by helping radiologists to become more efficient, speeding up diagnosis and helping to facilitate earlier treatment for patients, enhancing the throughput of UK radiologists faced with the certainty of low manpower,” ScreenPoint Medical concludes.

Picture: Transpara’s Exam Score helps to prioritise screening.

Published on page 24 of the May 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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