AI powers solution to help Milton Keynes A&E staff to evaluate head CT out of hours

Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) has deployed GLEAMER BoneView and qER AI systems via the Blackford AI Platform. The AI deployment has been implemented to support A&E staff in evaluating plain film and CT head images out of hours, when more senior colleagues may not be available.

GLEAMER’s BoneView integration has meant that staff are being provided with immediate results through the trust’s Insignia PACS system.

A&E consultant Dr Shindo Francis said: “We have noticed a significant reduction in missed fractures, especially during night shifts with junior staff looking at x-rays and misinterpreting. The AI has also provided a better focus point for practitioners working in the emergency department due to the ‘box of concern’ on films. Overall, there has been positive feedback from staff and we are pleased we implemented the platform.”

The trust needs to provide rapid analysis of CT head scans for trauma outside core hours.’s qER system was therefore implemented via the Blackford Platform. Results are available in the native PACS system within minutes of scan completion, meaning quick prioritisation of patient care while waiting for the radiologist report.

MKUH imaging IT systems manager Andrew Scott said: “Through the Blackford Platform we have been able to evaluate, implement and fully integrate these AI systems directly into our clinical workflows with ease. The benefits are clear to see and hopefully this is the start of wider AI adoption at MKUH.” senior vice president and commercial head UK and Europe Darren Stephens added: “This is a great step forward for frontline A&E patient care and we are delighted to partner with Blackford to bring qER to MKUH. Our AI solution will help improve patient outcomes by providing timely and accurate detection of critical abnormalities, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.”

The partnership between Blackford and is part of an ongoing effort to leverage AI technology to enhance clinical decision making. Blackford ceo Ben Panter commented: “Our model of partnering with best-of-breed AI providers like to tailor solutions via our tried and tested platform makes it easier and more efficient for healthcare providers like MKUH to evaluate and deploy AI and generate immediate and ongoing value.”

Picture: Blackford Analysis product manager – application onboarding Tom McCluskey, senior vice president partnerships Craig Flood, north-western enterprise sales director Matt Crollard, senior vice president of sales Tom Shearer and MKUH imaging IT systems manager Andrew Scott.

Published on page 21 of the September 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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