Aidoc to unveil self-monitoring AI operating system

Aidoc is deployed in more than 1,000 sites globally and processes over 1.5 million scans a month with its 14/13/10 UKCA/FDA/CE cleared AI algorithms that triage and notify healthcare providers of acute, life-threatening and time sensitive pathologies.

At this year’s UKIO, Aidoc will unveil its recently UKCA cleared AI operating system aiOS, which helps overcome challenges common to widespread AI adoption in the UK, including IT capacity and information governance for multiple AI solutions.

The Aidoc aiOS is an always-on, self-monitoring platform that automatically applies multiple algorithms, both Aidoc and third party, and seamlessly integrates into existing IT and clinical workflows.

In March, it was announced by the NIHR that Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Aidoc and its partner Imbio, had won the NHS AI in Health and Care Award to study the detection and risk stratification of acute pulmonary embolism patients. This research will assess the real-world impact of AI on multiple metrics including length of stay, emergency department efficiency and patient outcomes.

Aidoc provides clinical AI solutions to support accelerated, accurate decision making that can lead to collective action across service lines in order to deliver timely care interventions that benefit health systems, clinicians and patients in many ways.

The company looks forward to showing delegates how they can use AI to facilitate care coordination for stroke, pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection and many more acute pathways.

Picture: Aidoc provides clinical AI solutions.

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