Althea supports COVID-19 relief efforts of NHS charities

Medical equipment service provider Althea and its majority shareholder have announced the commitment of over £100,000 in charitable donations to support the COVID-19 relief efforts of four NHS charities.

The donations will provide aid to NHS staff working on the front line, enabling access to food, essential supplies and equipment, and ensuring they can safely continue to care for local communities. Funds will also provide relief to patients in isolation wards, helping them to cope better with the experience and facilitating communication with their loved ones.

Each of the charities has been chosen as a long-term customer of Althea in response to their COVID-19 support campaigns.

Picture: The COVID-19 relief efforts of four hospitals are being boosted by Althea. This includes Musgrove Park Hospital.

See the full report on page 8 of the January 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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