Arrowe Park appreciates its syringe-less injector

At Arrowe Park Hospital are radiology clinical director Dr Simon Lea, Kimal CT Expres 3D product specialist William Prinsloo and senior CT radiographer Jane Carruthers.


Arrowe Park Hospital, part of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has invested in a Kimal syringe-less injector unit for use with a Toshiba Aquilion 64 CT scanner.  


The CT Expres 3D syringe-less injector is said to reduce the time taken to inject CT contrast media and enable increased patient throughput with, says Kimal, impressive cost savings on contrast medium.  The injector is equipped with safety features to prevent the injection of air, automatically flush saline and to ensure a precise patient dose. 


Senior CT radiographer Gail Green said: “We found that the Kimal CT Expres fulfilled all our requirements with regards to cost, safety and ease-of-use.”


See the full report on page 28 of the August 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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