Better Medicine available to discuss BMVision: Kidney at UKIO

The demand for radiology services is a pressing global issue, spanning both developed and developing nations. Better Medicine’s strategic positioning allows the company to penetrate diverse markets, adapting its offerings to meet specific needs. Across Europe and the USA, where radiologists face growing capacity constraints, its solutions serve to optimise workflows and alleviate pressure on existing resources. Conversely, in regions like Africa and south-east Asia, where radiologists are scarce, the technology serves a critical role in ensuring equitable access to high-quality diagnostic services.

Better Medicine says its innovative approach combines AI with human expertise in diagnosing cancer lesions on CT scans to bridge the gap between supply and demand in radiology services. “The consistent and reliable measurements provided by our technology enhance diagnostic accuracy, improving patient outcomes. Moreover, our cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with existing picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), facilitating rapid implementation and adoption by radiology departments.”

Better Medicine’s latest solution BMVision: Kidney will be the first AI diagnostic imaging solution for kidney cancer available on the market and has undergone rigorous testing for submission to meet Medical Device Regulation (MDR) standards. “We now aim for CE marking, with anticipated availability in the European market by Q3 2024. Following closely are a range of AI diagnostic solutions for various organs, including lung, liver, pancreas, and lymph, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for radiology services worldwide. Our commitment lies in providing holistic solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare systems globally,” the company continued.

To find out more schedule a meeting with Better Medicine’s Chris McKee here.

Picture: Better Medicine’s chief science officer Dmytro Fishman and in-house radiologist Alina Denissova using the system.

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