Biopsy needles seen more clearly

Superintendent radiographer Moira Anwyl and consultant radiologists Dr Andrew O’Connor and Dr Fiona Fraser with Toshiba ultrasound applications specialist Nicky Sims and radiographic aid Lucy Stenton.


The Linda McCartney Centre based at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital purchased two Toshiba Aplio XG ultrasound scanners earlier this year.  Consultant Jane Leadbetter says: “We tested different machines and liked the Toshiba system immediately.”


The centre began its life as a nursing college when The Royal Liverpool was built in 1971, but became under-utilised when nurse training was transferred.  The Forget-Me-Not Cancer Appeal was launched to raise the £4 million needed to turn the disused building into a patient-friendly centre. 


The systems are equipped with ElastoQ, MicroPure and a high frequency linear transducer, with a maximum frequency of 18MHz.  ElastoQ quantitative relaxation elastography assists in quantifying palpation of breast masses by providing a robust numerical indicator for malignancy and MicroPure can help identify microcalcifications in breast tumours.  


See the full report on page 38 of the November 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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