Bioptics integrated into breast theatre

Professor Mike Dixon points out comparison features shown on the specimen radiograph with the mammogram. 


Two Bioptics digital specimen systems are being used for localisation procedures – one in the general surgery area and the other with day case theatres – at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  


Professor Mike Dixon explained: “the great advantage of the Bioptics is that gives me instantly, very high quality x-ray image confirmation that the tumour has been removed and avoids any chance of a delay waiting for the report from radiology. 


“Furthermore, the system has proven to be very easy to use and is successfully operated by theatre staff without the need for any specialist radiology skills”. 


Member of theatre staff Hannah Lawson agreed: “The Bioptics is simple to use and the connection to our PACS system means that I just press a button to acquire an image for that patient.”


See the full report on page 14 of the November 2009 edition of RAD Magazine.

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