Block shielding joins growing radiation protection range

Wardray Premise has become an approved supplier of QuantaShield, a versatile radiation shielding product manufactured in the UK. It offers a shielding solution against x-rays, gamma rays, protons, neutrons and magnetic fringe fields. The standard interlocking blocks are offered with densities between 2g/cc and 4g/cc; however, ad hoc densities can be achieved to meet client specification. The interlocking blocks are designed to minimise radiation leakage, are easy to install and sized for easy manual handling and stack without requiring any bonding agents, reducing the need for wet trades on sites.


“Adding a new shielding material to our range of products and solutions is very exciting,” said Wardray Premise managing director Sheila Wardley.

Working with the manufacturer, Wardray is able to develop and design bespoke shielding solutions including site surveys; provide shielding calculations and design optimisation; manufacture and install self-supporting structures and shielded doors; and give post-construction inspections and surveys.

Commercial manager Nick Oakes added: “It is great to be able to offer clients an alternative and cheaper solution to our traditional heavy lead shielding. We can combine the QuantaShield blocks with our portfolio of materials (lead, steel and neutron absorbents) and product range (power operated doors) to optimise space, price and functionality.”

Customers can view a test room constructed from QuantaShield blocks at Wardray’s factory in West Yorkshire

Published on page 32 of the September 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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