Blood flow in hiking dinghy sailors under scrutiny

Dr Norman Byrd with one of team GBR’s Olympic hopefuls Ben Palmer using the hiking simulator and Toshiba’s Viamo ultrasound system.


Toshiba Medical Systems has been assisting Dr Norman Byrd’s research project at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy with a Viamo portable ultrasound system.


Dr Byrd is researching the effect on blood flow within the femoral artery of ‘hiking pads’ used to pad the back of the thigh.  Dinghy sailors need to balance the forces generated by sails and underwater foils (heeling forces) usually, but not exclusively, by leaning out of the boat (hiking out).  


Participants in the project, all sailors within the Royal Yachting Association’s Olympic system, hiked with and without the stiffened battens in the wetsuits and measurements of SFA vascularity were obtained through small scanning windows cut through the suits.


Toshiba Medical System’s clinical applications specialist Shane Hanlon, an experienced sonographer, provided technical expertise using the Viamo portable ultrasound system.  


See the full report on page 12 of the October 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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