BNMS Annual Meeting

The BNMS Annual Meeting will be held at the SEC, Glasgow on May 16 – 18, 2022.

The three-day meeting with simultaneous clinical and scientific stream promises an exciting and varied programme that will appeal to all craft groups in nuclear medicine.

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Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic Imaging Ltd is now in its 22nd year as a UK-based independent supplier of radiopharmaceuticals, gamma cameras and SmartVent radioaerosol delivery systems to the UK healthcare market. Our staff have a wealth of experience and can discuss your requirements and offer bespoke solutions. If you are looking for Lu-177 n.c.a. to be tagged to a variety of peptides please contact us for more information. We now have an MIA(IMP) licence to assist in importation of clinical trials.
Hermes Medical Solutions
Hermes Medical Solutions, a global leader in vendor-neutral molecular imaging software, is proud to announce HERMIA, a new version of its all-in-one molecular imaging software, comprising the latest reporting, remote reporting, processing, dosimetry, quantitative-SPECT reconstruction, PACS integration, data management software and storage solutions, all supported by a responsive and friendly team of UK-based experts. HERMIA simplifies your departmental workflow and improves efficiency, accuracy and quality while ensuring you keep pace with the latest developments in molecular imaging.
Advanced Accelerator Applications
Alliance Medical
Ashby GB
Bartec Technologies
Blue Earth Diagnostics
Boston Scientific
Bright Technologies
Curium Pharma UK
Cyclomedica UK
GE Healthcare
High Technology Sources
Invia Medical Imaging Solutions
LabLogic Systems
Light Medical
MIM Software Inc
National Physical Laboratory
OncoBeta GmbH
Siemens Healthineers
Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH
Southern Scientific
Spectrum Dynamics Medical SA
Trasis SA

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