Breast health team meets for the first time

Pictured following the announcement that Hologic will now market its entire range of breast health products directly in England, Scotland and Wales, is the new sales team.   Standing from left are breast health sales specialists John McMahon, Lynne Callan, Stephen Adams, Louise Wilcox and Kevin Owens with, seated, field sales manager UK Andrew Hatton and business development manager David Lee.


The Hologic Breast Health portfolio will feature Selenia Dimensions 2D and 3D – said to be the first commercially available tool to deliver on the promise of breast tomosynthesis, Selenia Digital Mammography, SecurView diagnostic workstations, Affirm breast biopsy guidance system and Multicare Platinum Prone Stereotactic Biopsy, R2 ImageChecker Digital CAD, R2 Quantra and R2 Digital Now HD Film Digitising, Sentinelle Breast MRI Coils with unique variable coil geometry, Aegis 4D On-The-Fly  MRI Image Processing Software, Suros ATEC Total Breast Biopsy Solutions and a wide range of consumables.


Hologic assures all new and existing customers of seamless support during the transition phase. This includes orders and service agreements with Medical Imaging Systems Limited via NHS Supply Chain or otherwise. During this period, the sales team and service engineers will be visiting the entire installed base to explain how Hologic is committed to providing a gold standard level of service to all customers. 


See the full report on page 2 of the July issue of RAD Magazine.

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