BriTec shares expertise on molecular imaging projects large and small

As a leading UK-based manufacturer of radiation shielding, radioactive materials storage and handling products Bright Technologies Limited (BriTec) continues to work together with the molecular imaging community to address its radiation protection needs.

“Whether your department is performing diagnostic imaging or molecular therapy we can offer solutions designed specifically for your application,” BriTec says.

From small radiation protection accessories such as syringe shields and vial shields to installation of complete rooms with shielded and unshielded storage cupboards and LFC dispensing workstations, BriTec says it has the expertise to make a project a reality.  The company also works closely with other suppliers and manufacturers to offer a one stop shop for departmental needs, whether refurbishing an existing department or designing and purchasing for a new facility or application.

Visit for further information on standard products or email to request a quote or to discuss a project with our sales and design team.

Visit BriTec at BNMS on stand 16.

Picture: A PET dispensary from BriTec.

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