Canon team will explain the role of innovative ultrasound in improving clinical pathways

Explaining how the role of innovative ultrasound can intuitively improve clinical pathways and patient outcomes

Canon Medical Systems UK will be exhibiting its latest diagnostic ultrasound systems and market leading advanced clinical applications to delegates attending the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), to be held in Cardiff, December 6 – 8, 2022.

Keeping in tune with the event’s theme of ‘leading ultrasound into the future’, the Canon Medical UK team will be on stand 3 of the technical exhibition to explain the role of the Aplio-i series Prism Edition and its range of advanced clinical applications in radiology, women’s health and cardiology.

This will include Canon Medical UK’s unique Liver Analysis Package, which aims to ease the burden of hepatic disease on healthcare. It enables earlier, easier and more accurate visualisation of the pathogenesis of liver disease. Combined with new transducer technologies to support exceptional image quality, the Aplio i-series Prism Edition will facilitate confident decision making for ultrasound practitioners.

“The future of healthcare is evolving, with environmental sustainability higher on the NHS agenda, closer-to-home diagnostic provision gaining momentum and the continual quest to improve patient outcomes earlier,” states Stuart Mills, ultrasound director at Canon Medical Systems UK. “Dovetailing our imaging innovations to solve the biggest clinical challenges is a key priority. We’re looking forward to engaging with delegates and our customers at the 53rd BMUS Ultrasound event.”

Picture: Diagnostic ultrasound systems and applications will be on display.

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