Cardiac ultrasound system to tackle heart disease

With their new equipment at Bradford Royal Infirmary are consultant cardiologist for imaging and heart failure Dr Sudantha Bulugahapitiya, consultant cardiologist and clinical lead of the cardiology unit Dr Steven Lindsay, British Heart Foundation fundraiser Sue Green and cardiac physiologist and head of cardiac ultrasound Sam Bainbridge.


Staff, patients and fundraisers at Bradford Royal Infirmary have been celebrating the arrival of a Philips iE33 cardiac ultrasound system purchased through a fundraising campaign launched by the British Heart Foundation.  


The district has high levels of heart disease and every year around 5,000 heart scans are carried out at the hospital.  Previously these scans were performed in 2D but the Philips system provides 3D scanning and superior image quality.


iE33 cardiac ultrasound equipment uses high-definition imaging to help diagnose heart disease.  It incorporates data and analysis tools to support treatment decisions and monitor treatment success.  


The system is said to provide outstanding 2D image quality, powerful 3D measurement of cardiac function and anatomy, and live 3D imaging of the heart.


See this report on page 4 of the April 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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