Change of format for BMUS

Dr Roger Moshy from Peterborough District Hospital chatting with Louise-Marie Stapley of Bracco UK about the value of CUS in imaging departments at the recent BMUS meeting.


The annual meeting of the British Medical Ultrasound Society was held in Liverpool at the beginning of last month in the city’s Arena and Convention Centre.


The meeting hailed a change in format to previous years with the introduction of integrated training sessions and workshops.


Integrated training sessions provided a whole day of intensive training and hands-on experience in basic abdominal ultrasound, regional anaesthesia techniques and ultrasound in sports medicine.  The integrated training sessions and the shorter workshops allowed delegates the opportunity to use state-of-the-art scanners provided by the AXrEM group of manufacturers.


A further 13 companies, who were not members of the AXrEM group showed their products and services in the technical exhibition.



A picture report of BMUS 2008 will be published in the January issue of RAD Magazine.

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