Charity supports Addenbrooke’s breast cancer patients

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge has teamed up with charity Little Lifts, which provides boxes of gifts and treats and support to those about to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer.

The boxes contain items such as lolly moulds and recipes to help with loss of taste, moisturisers for sensitive skin and cordials to help patients drink plenty of fluids. There are plant seeds to encourage patients to spend time outside with nature in order to promote wellbeing.

Patients receiving boxes.
Patients Sally Douglas and Suzanne Wood receive boxes handed out by Lizzie Neal (right) of Little Lifts.

Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust senior cancer support advisor Sarah Rodwell said: “We were thrilled to be approached by Little Lifts to discuss the opportunity of a partnership so that all breast cancer patients could be offered a pack. We had already received positive feedback from patients who had been lucky enough to receive a pack by applying direct to the charity’s kindness fund.”

Charity founder Oa Hackett added: “Everyone’s experience of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is different. I was very lucky to have the support of thoughtful friends and family and together, with the kindness of my medical team, I discovered what I needed to support me during treatment. That’s why, during my recovery, I started Little Lifts – to help others navigate their chemotherapy or radiotherapy armed with some support. We are so pleased to work with Addenbrooke’s as we continue our mission to provide the most thoughtfully handpicked gifts to support people affected by breast cancer. To date, Little Lifts has given out over 11,000 boxes. This partnership will see more than 1,000 boxes being given in the first year.”

Picture: The Little Lifts team Lizzie Neal, Poppy Howe, Lisa Goodings, Lorraine Augustus, Sarah Jayne Rodwell, Sharon Saunders and founder Oa Hackett.

Published on page 5 of the July 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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