Compact space, big possibilities

For private medical practice Knightsbridge Doctors in London, the DX-D 300 from Agfa Radiology Solutions delivers quality, efficiency and comfort, while fitting neatly into the small x-ray room.

Imaging, especially x-ray, is central to the services Knightsbridge Doctors delivers to its patients. As Raymond Bernard Cruz, lead radiographer, explains: “One of our key services is health screenings, which generally include chest x-rays… Our x-ray unit is thus busy throughout the entire day.”

Need to upgrade the x-ray system
The previous x-ray system, a direct radiography (DR) retrofit, was aging. While image quality, reliability and dose reduction were key requirements, the chosen system would have to address a specific challenge for the practice: “The x-ray room is very small. The previous x-ray unit filled it completely, so there was barely room for patient and radiographer. It also blocked the light, making the room rather sombre. For our new system, it was critical that we find a solution that would fit the space… Agfa’s DX-D 300 was the perfect solution for us. It’s compact, reliable, easy to manoeuvre and fast.” It was installed in August 2023, and was up and running quickly.

Better patient and radiographer experience
With its U-arm and floor-mounting, the DX-D 300 “Gives us plenty of room for patient and radiographer – and even for a family member to come in if necessary. It’s more comfortable for the patient, while allowing the radiographer to better move around while positioning the patient, etc. And there is more natural light. People also like the look of the DX-D 300. I’ve received comments about how ‘futuristic’ it is. Altogether, it enables a better experience for the patient and the radiographer.”

“It’s very enjoyable to manoeuvre. Furthermore, as the tube moves together with the detector, you always have the ‘right’ angle. The workstation is equally straightforward: it’s easier for me to adjust exposure, review the image, and ensure proper patient positioning. Features like these help speed up my work, and reduce the risk of needing a repeat.”

Raymond Bernard Cruz with the DXD-300Powered by Musica
“The Musica image processing software automatically adjusts the contrast, brightness, etc, so the image has the right quality and consistency. I save five to six seconds for every x-ray. That’s a lot in a day, for a facility like ours where we are doing x-ray after x-ray… I’ve had multiple patients comment to me that it takes longer to get dressed than to do the actual x-rays. This allows us to see more patients, but also to shorten patient waiting times – which is a key goal for us.”

Reducing dose: everyone’s business
“The image quality and consistency are very good. For example, we get the same quality, even for a patient with a large frame. This allows us to reduce dose, and still have readable images. Reducing dose is a priority for Knightsbridge Doctors, as part of our commitment to safe, high-quality patient care.”

“I would happily recommend the DX-D 300 both to private clinics like Knightsbridge Doctors, but also to larger hospitals, for example. In my opinion, anything the bigger x-ray machines can do, it can as well, while saving you valuable space. It’s easy to use, offers high-quality images, and has changed my workday. I’m convinced,” Cruz concludes.

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