Comprehensive workflow-based integration offers extensive QA

SunCheck is a fully workflow-based QA solution from Sun Nuclear offering machine and patient QA in an integrated environment.  PerFraction is the machine file/EPID-based plan and patient QA element.

SunCheck Patient consists of TPS plan checking, independent secondary dose calculations, pre-treatment phantomless patient QA and full patient in-vivo measurement.  Plan checking will launch from selected TPS scripting to offer structure-based constraint checks with quantifiable quality metrics and rules-based physics and reporting.

DoseCheck is an independent secondary MU/dose calculator for performing 3D secondary dose calculations for 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SRS, SBRT, tomotherapy and HDR brachytherapy treatment plans.

PerFraction F-zero is pre-treatment phantomless patient QA that can be conducted with a flexible combination of machine log/ trajectory files and EPID measurements to provide 2D or 3D analysis.  PerFraction Transit verifies patient set-up, first fraction and intra-fraction motion against the treatment plan and each delivered fraction, either on the planning CT or daily CBCT images.  Results can be analysed in 3D using EPID and/or log file data, or in 2D through the transit dosimetry feature, with no additional time or effort required.  Using calibrated EPID data, true dosimetric in-vivo monitoring is clinically feasible, creating a fully independent absolute dosimetric QA of patient treatments.

The SunCheck Platform is fully supported by a UK and international physics team and distributed by IEL.

Published on page 9 of the March 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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