Contrast media injectors now approved for breast cancer imaging diagnostics

Syringeless contrast media injectors from ulrich medical can now also be used in contrast-enhanced digital mammography. The Max 2M and Max 3 devices have been officially approved for the new area of application and provide ease of operation, a high level of hygienic safety and flexible positioning in examination rooms.

In some examinations, conventional digital mammography is not sufficient to make malignant tumours visible. The contrast of the tumour to the surrounding tissue may be so low that it is concealed by normal gland tissue. Contrast-enhanced mammograms are now being carried out more often in order to increase these contrasts and ulrich medical recognised the opportunity to use its contrast media injectors to support the diagnosis of breast cancer.

As with CT and MRI examinations, the use of a contrast media injector can ensure a continuous flow of contrast media. Automated injection of contrast media allows fast and efficient workflow.

Chief executive officer Klaus Kiesel said: “Now that we have this approval, we’ve been able to successfully tap into this important market segment.”

Once prepared, the injectors are ready to use at any time and can be used for the entire day. For the examination itself, it takes the user only a few actions and the injector automatically does the rest. For patient changeover, only the patient tubing must be changed, which takes a few seconds.

Max 2M and Max 3 are ideal for use in confined spaces; being battery operated they are highly manoeuvrable, allowing them to be positioned anywhere in the examination room. The application of the contrast media itself can then be quickly started directly from the injector control unit.

Picture: Users of contrast-enhanced mammography can now utilise injectors from ulrich medical.

Published on page 6 of the January 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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