CT justification project shares results

In September, the EU-JUST-CT project held a hybrid workshop to discuss how to improve the justification of CT in the EU. The central aim of the workshop was to share the results of the audits of CT justification in seven European countries. The workshop also included a discussion on a guidance document to improve justification of CT examinations in radiology departments.

The event was an opportunity for representatives of national radiology societies, radiation protection authorities, health authorities, health professionals and patient representatives from various EU member states to learn more about the EU-JUSTCT project and the state of play of justification of CT examinations in the EU. The results of the audit act as an important landmark marking the first time the same methodology for auditing justification of CT examinations has been used simultaneously in seven EU countries, with the ESR iGuide clinical decision support as a reference standard.

The hope is that the results will inspire other member states to carry out audits on their CT justification using the methodology employed within the EU-JUST-CT project. The common methodology for auditing justification of CT examinations that has been developed as part of the project is available on the EU-JUST-CT website.

Picture: Attendees at the EU-JUST-CT project workshop.

Published on page 4 of the November 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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