Customer chooses cherry blossom image to brighten up MRI room

Envirotect has made another addition to its product portfolio, the enviro-View MRI compatible picture lighting system. enviro-View transforms the interior of dark, windowless rooms with bright and colourful images. The LED panels feature high resolution pictures to provide a distraction for patients and staff by creating a calm and relaxing space.

Working with IDM (UK), Envirotect supplied an enviro-View lighting system to be installed in an MRI room. The customer was able to choose from various nature-themed images and decided on a bright and vibrant cherry blossom image. Panels were located above the scanner creating a skylight view and allowing artificial daylight into the room.

Panels are lightweight, fit into a standard 600 x 600mm ceiling frame and are unaffected by the strong magnetic fields created by MRI scanners, so they are suitable for imaging suites. The energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED light panels come wired and ready for mounting by a suitably qualified electrician.

Envirotect offers a range of radiation and RF shielding products including lead-lined panels, door sets, observation windows, x-ray screens, lead glass, cabinets, lead vinyl and RF cages with associated products for MRI rooms.

Picture: Envirotect’s enviro-View lighting system provides a distraction for patients undergoing MRI scans.

Published on page 22 of the July 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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