Cutting edge anaesthesia

Reg Edward uses a SonoSite S-Nerve


Anaesthetists from Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust are using SonoSite’s S-Nerve and MicroMaxx ultrasound systems to perform pioneering regional nerve blocks that are transforming the way orthopaedic surgery is managed. Continuous nerve block infusions can provide up to 80 hours of pain relief, eliminating the need for opioids and allowing patients to go home the same day as their surgery.


Consultant anaesthetist Reg Edward explained: “We can move a substantial number of cases from inpatients to day surgery by using continuous nerve block infusions. The ongoing pain relief provided by this technique makes patients extremely comfortable, without the side effects of many pain-relieving drugs and so they don’t need to stay in hospital. This is obviously preferable for patients, as well as offering large cost benefits to the trust.”


See the full report on page 5 of the October 2009 edition of RAD Magazine.

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