Dental practice finds perfect match with bespoke door

Envirotect designs and manufactures high specification bespoke lead lined doors for use within the healthcare industry, dental practices, veterinary and equine facilities.

With an established client base each order is bespoke in terms of manufactured size, fixtures, fittings and colour. All doors are available in a range of finishes and colours, allowing clients to brighten their interiors and enable areas to be zoned according to the colour of the doors.

For a recent project Envirotect matched a door finish within a remodelled dental practice in Oxford. The contractor had specified a modern door finish in American black walnut veneer throughout the practice. This did not include a shielded door and the contractor approached Envirotect. The specification stated that as the OPG room had a different use to the rest of the dental practice the door could have a slightly different appearance. Operations manager Nigel Payne spent time researching the veneer finish and found a near perfect match to the walnut cross grain, with the v-groove finish that had been used for all the other internal doors. The single radiation shielded code 3 (1.32mm L/E) walnut finish door was manufactured in Envirotect’s workshop and finished off with a framed vision panel.

Envirotect’s door sets are durable and easy to wipe clean. Its range of radiation and RF shielding products includes lead-lined plasterboard/plywood, door sets, screens, observation windows, cabinets, lead glass, lead vinyl and RF cages with associated products including RF tests and RF door maintenance.

Published on page 20 of the September 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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