Digital dental system at the Clatterbridge

X-ray manager Hilary Moore demonstrates the ProOne with acting patient Fiona Murphy.


A Planmeca ProOne direct digital dental panoral imaging system has been installed by Xograph Healthcare into Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology on the Wirral. 


The ProOne has been designed to allow fast, one piece installation.  It provides both standard and, optionally, advanced imaging programmes and is considered ideal for inclusion in an A&E general radiography room or where a cephalostat is not required.


Dose reduction is enabled by using specialised imaging programmes, with vertical and horizontal segmentation that limits x-ray exposure to only the region of interest.  A DAP metering system provides a dose record which is recorded with the image.


A patient side entry feature provides a face-to-face view of the patient, which makes patient positioning easier, allows clearer communication and helps to reduce the anxiety and claustrophobia.


All movements are motorised with smooth positioning of the chin rest, while a three laser light alignment system aids positioning accuracy.  Patients can either be standing or seated and there is plenty of room for a wheelchair. 


See the full report on page 27 of the September 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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