Digital detectors come in sizes to suit human and veterinary imaging

LG has launched a range of a-Si (amorphous silicon) and oxide-based digital x-ray detectors for veterinary and human imaging. The company says these detectors, combined with its latest acquisition software, are able to acquire accurate, quality x-ray images while reducing radiation exposure by up to 75 per cent. The oxide detectors are available in several sizes down to 25cm x 30cm, which is suitable for equine imaging. The improved ergonomic design has a dust tight and fluid resistant IP68 rating with the ability to withstand loads of up to 300kg and drops from 1.5 metres. This makes the LG detectors robust enough for the most challenging environments.

Veterinary x-ray imagesLG has also enhanced the image processing of its latest veterinary AWS (acquisition workstation) software. The easy-to-use software provides quality imaging and intuitive controls to improve workflow and aid diagnosis. As well as the comprehensive selection of standard views available, custom imaging parameters and workflows can be added to reduce the time required to produce multiple image examinations. The AWS can be configured for both veterinary and human imaging and connected by wire or wirelessly to the detector, with image transfer to PACS or a USB device.

Rothband supplies LG detectors and workstation software along with the LG 4K clinical review monitor for portable x-ray at an affordable price.

Published on page 12 of the November 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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