Dorchester is now intuitive

From left with their new Ziehm Vision mobile C-arm image intensifier are operating department assistant Katie Eastwood, deputy theatre sister Jennie Ferris, theatre sister Janine Courtaux, senior radiographer Gill Lane, operating department assistant Elaine Naylor, theatre nurse Martin Webber and deputy principal superintendent radiographer Nick Nicklin.


Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester has installed a third Ziehm Vision mobile C-arm image intensifier with wireless network connectivity, supplied by Xograph Healthcare.


The purchase decision was driven by the need for an ‘intuitive’ system that would cater for the demands from varying departments such as theatre, endoscopy and day surgery.


Although mainly used by radiographers, it is now being used to train other theatre staff professionals in the use of intra-operative fluoroscopy during spinal surgery.


Its compact design provides excellent manoeuvrability and very light movements. The system can be controlled either from the C-arm or the monitor cart by touch-screen interfaces. A mini-fluoro image is provided on the C-arm touch-screen if the monitor cart is not in view.


See the full report on page 16 of the May issue of RAD Magazine.


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