Easing whole body pressure

Pictured at the 31 Old Broad Street Private Diagnostic and Treatment Centre of the London Bridge Hospital are (left) senior radiographer Tamsin O’Shaughnessy with imaging superintendent Patricia Clark.


The occasion was a business and case mix review of the recently acquired ONI Medical Systems 1.0T MSK Extreme MR scanner.


Installed close to a Siemens whole body system, the ONI scanner has allowed staff to free up time on the large magnet by moving extremity work to the ONI system.


It has also allowed the centre to offer a walk in service and numbers are encouraging.


Comments Patricia Clark, “We are averaging four patients a day now, which is over the break even rate. For us, the scanner is easy to set up and use and consultants are happy with the quality of the images.”


Vertec product specialist Paul Vaughan added, “We are very pleased the MSK is working well at the Old Broad Street Centre. It is perfectly placed, being close to a whole body system, to directly affect patient throughput and care.”


This report will be published in the CT and MRI feature in the February 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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