Edinburgh veterinary school makes good use of positioning products

Oncology Imaging Systems (OIS) supplies patient positioning, imaging and immobilisation devices for radiotherapy applications in the UK and Ireland, including to veterinary oncology centres.

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Hospital for Small Animals at the University of Edinburgh is one of the largest oncology centres in Europe providing care for pets diagnosed with cancer. Veterinary therapeutic radiographer Emma McCormick said: “OIS offers products that are very useful for veterinary patients; they are ideal to our veterinary setting, very easy to use and not overly time consuming to construct, which is very useful when patients are under general anaesthetic. We have ordered gel bolus on a number of occasions, both encased and skinless. We find both products contour to patients very well and are easy to work with.”

thermoplastic mask
Qfix ProBoard and U-Frame Fibreplast thermoplastic mask.

OIS also supplies Qfix thermoplastic masks, VacQfix and Moldcare cushions used to ensure reproducible patient positioning.

The Qfix Flat Carbon Fibre Headboard can be used with traditional or Slimline disposable U-Frames, Silverman Head Supports, and Moldcare Head Cushions to enable precise positioning for radiotherapy treatment of the head and neck. The Fibreplast U-Frame is said to be more rigid than other thermoplastics and to shrink less.

Lead picture: LAP positioning lasers and Beekley CT Spot used in veterinary medicine. Pictures: The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies radiotherapy department.

Published on page 4 of the June 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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