EMRAD trials GE Healthcare cloud apps

EMRAD project manager Simon Harris speaking at UKRCO.

The East Midlands Radiology Consortium (EMRAD) is trialling GE Healthcare’s cloud apps for case exchanges.  With the app, launched at this year’s UKRCO, the consortium will be able to quickly share medical images in real-time to confer on patient cases and send messages to other healthcare professionals outside of the network.

While the app can have many uses, EMRAD is using it for legal requests and estimates a greater than £50,000 annual reduction in costs for one trust.

Data protection office manager Paula Hill, from Nottingham University NHS Trust, which is part of EMRAD, said: “The adoption of GE’s vendor agnostic collaboration app is helping our data protection team to disclose information in relation to legal requests with professionals outside of the EMRAD consortium.  The software is straightforward to install and patient data can now be sent in minutes compared to days beforehand.”

See the full report on page 25 of the August 2017 issue of RAD Magazine.

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