Freeman Hospital expects to streamline MSK processes via DR system’s automated tasks

Freeman Hospital, part of The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has received a Carestream DRX Compass x-ray system installed by Medray UK.

The installation brings full digital radiography and AI integration to the current x-ray service in the musculoskeletal outpatient department.

Radiology service manager Graeme Hughes commented: “With the addition of Smart Room functionality we expect to automate tasks and workflow steps to streamline our processes.

“The use of AI in the Smart Room product suite will enhance radiographic productivity, reduce examination time and ultimately enhance the patient’s care and overall experience.”

Picture: Seated are radiographer Nazish Nime, Medray applications specialist Shweb Rahman and assistant practitioner Thomas Green. Behind them are assistant practitioner Lisa Adams, Graeme Hughes and Medray sales specialist Martin Dennis.

Published on page 10 of the July 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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