Fully portable dDR proves ideal for forensics

Sealing the deal are Xograph Healthcare managing director Peter Staff with Reveal Imaging directors Mark Viner and Wayne Hoban.


Reveal Imaging Limited, a mobile 24-hour forensic x-ray service, has taken delivery of a dDR-go from Xograph Healthcare Limited.  It is Xograph’s first fully portable product and utilises highly flexible technology.


Reveal Imaging Limited identified the potential of portable direct digital radiography technologies in providing rapid digital examinations within field deployment. 


Common challenges in forensic radiography include timely access to equipment which is suitable for a wide variety of locations and limited application due to narrow exposure latitude. 


There is a dependency on film or computer radiography processing and there are often difficulties in viewing, evaluating and interpreting images.


 “dDR-go has proved itself robust in some of the most hostile environments throughout the world,” said Reveal Imaging director Mark Viner.  “The system offers us a flexible solution so that our highly experienced forensic radiographers can respond quickly, enabling us to provide an instant high quality service.”


High quality images of bone, soft tissue, metallic and non-metallic artefacts can be visualised on a laptop seconds after exposure, with the facility to repeat images for localisation procedures. 


Visbion software provides the viewing platform for analysis and measurement.


See this report on page 27 of the April 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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