GenesisCare joins Vision RT to increase access to tattoo-free radiation therapy

GenesisCare and Vision RT have agreed a global strategic partnership to increase access to world-class precision radiation therapy technology.

Under the agreement, Vision RT will supply at least 15 AlignRT radiation therapy systems over two years to GenesisCare centres in Australia, USA, UK and Europe, adding to the fleet of pre-existing systems that are available across the GenesisCare network.

The AlignRT system tracks a patient’s positioning throughout therapy to improve the accuracy of set-up and treatment. Traditionally, cancer patients receive permanent tattoo marks through traditional radiation therapy to ensure treatment is delivered to a precise location. AlignRT uses 3D stereoscopic camera units and surface tracking to detect slight movements, automatically pausing treatment as needed, to safely deliver highly targeted tattoo-free radiation therapy.

In addition to being able to offer tattoo-free radiation therapy, the AlignRT system facilitates deep inspiration breath-hold, which could prevent long-term cardiac complications during treatment for left side breast cancer due to constant monitoring of the breathing position with fine accuracy.

GenesisCare executive manager, service of the future, Aldo Rolfo, said: “At GenesisCare, we use Varian and Elekta linear accelerators across our sites worldwide, so seamless integration is vital for us. One of Vision RT’s strengths is its proven ability to integrate with all types of treatment delivery and oncology information systems. Our discussions with both linear accelerator vendors and Vision RT make us confident that this excellent integration will continue into the future.”

Picture: The launch of AlignRT at Mater Hospital, North Sydney, Australia.

Published on page 24 of the December 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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