Guerbet wish to extend a warm heartfelt thank you over the last quarter of 2020

Guerbet are very proud to continue to support the Radiology community as you come together over what has undoubtedly been a very challenging and uncertain time.  We have been truly inspired by the commitment, flexibility and hard work that you have each dedicated to your profession.  Thank you.

At Guerbet UK ourselves, we have been very busy preparing for the launch of our newly formed demo suite where we hope will provide a space to bring the UNIK strategy to life.  UNIK is a flexible solution, tailored to your specific needs and challenges, designed to add value at each step of the patient healthcare journey, interconnecting our comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services in diagnostic imaging.

Guerbet Demo Suite

We would love to extend an invitation for each of you to learn more or schedule a visit by contacting us on (0121) 733 8542 or emailing. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions as we are here because of you.

This news story has been sponsored by the companies concerned and does not represent the views or opinions of RAD Magazine.

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