Handheld system helpful in research projects

Using a Medison MySonoU5 scanner are, from left, Dr Alan Hough, MIS area manager David Locke and Professor Jonathan Marsden.


Dr Alan Hough and his team at the Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth, are using ultrasound in a number of research projects.  They use a Medison MySonoU5 laptop portable scanner, supplied by MIS Healthcare, to measure deep muscle activity, track muscle, tendon and nerve movement and also to explore the mechanical properties of these tissues.


The system is said to have excellent 2D image quality and processing power for a broad range of musculoskeletal scans and other applications in sports medicine.  A hand-carried unit, it also offers 3D/4D imaging with colour, power and Pulse Wave spectral Doppler with a wide range of transducers. 


See this report on page 28 of the January 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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