Hands-on CT course held at Edinburgh

Taking a break are Stirling Royal consultant cardiologist Dr Allister Hargreaves, Toshiba’s Mark Hitchman, Ninewells Hospital consultant radiologist Dr Niko Tzemos, Leiden University consultant radiologist Dr Lucia Kroft, Glasgow Royal consultant radiologist Dr Giles Roditi, Stirling Royal consultant interventional cardiologists Dr Jehangir Din and Dr James Spratt, Edinburgh Royal consultant interventional cardiologist Dr Neal Uren, South Florida consultant radiologist Dr Claudio Smuclovisky and Toshiba account manager for Scotland Gary Logan.


Toshiba Medical Systems supported “Beyond Invasive Angiography – Essential Cardiac CT 2009” held at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. 


The course was a hands-on introduction into cardiac CT delivery and   participants were able to manipulate images with a maximum of two to a viewing station.


Course director Dr James Spratt of Stirling Royal Infirmary commented “We were very pleased with how the meeting went and have been delighted with the delegate feedback.  Toshiba’s support in facilitating the hands-on sessions has been invaluable.  


See the full report on page 34 of the July 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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