High level disinfection of probes takes 75 seconds with no warm-up time

WASSENBURG Medical UK has begun an exclusive partnership with UV Smart, which will see the launch of the D45 ultrasonic transducer disinfection device throughout the UK, offering users another approach to the disinfection of probes.

Using Impelux UV-C technology, the D45 has been designed to high level disinfect ultrasound probes in just 75 seconds, with no warm-up period.

In addition to improving the HLD process, the D45 offers:

Safety and care: uses cold and dry disinfection, protecting both ultrasound device and medical staff.

Automated precision: ensures consistent, reliable, and traceable results with each cycle, setting a new standard in disinfection quality.

Innovative monitoring: features an Independent Monitor System (IMS) with dual sensors that rigorously monitor UV-C dosage and lamp performance, guaranteeing optimal radiation and consistent high-level disinfection.

Economical and sustainable: operates without water, wipes, chemicals, or consumables during the disinfection process, making it sustainable and cost effective.

And, adaptable design: seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, offering versatile mounting options such as table, trolley, and wall.

Visit stand 20 to witness how the D45 is transforming ultrasound probe disinfection.

WASSENBURG Medical, together with UV Smart; Developing, manufacturing, and distributing innovative disinfection devices, enabling staff to improve their patients care, safer, faster, and more sustainably.

Picture: Cold and dry disinfection by the D45 protects the ultrasound device and medical staff.

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