HSL subsidises radiology retrofit systems to help improve quality of imaging

Hospital Services Limited (HSL) has launched a subsidy programme that will enable UK radiology departments to invest in retrofit systems at a discounted price.

Distributor of medical and surgical equipment HSL has partnered with Shimadzu to offer DR retrofit systems for the discounted price of £25,000 until March. A limited number of retrofit systems, typically priced around £40,000, will be placed on a first come, first served basis and are available to NHS trusts and UK healthcare providers. The complete retrofit solution includes the DR detector and PC or ruggedised tablet, installed by OEM trained engineers. Each detector will include a three-year warranty.

HSL regional director of operations Steve Leatherland said: “The lightweight, rugged and IP67 waterproof Shimadzu DR retrofit system offers a host of clinical benefits including reduced dose, increased throughput, more time with patients, instant imaging and digital dose recording that will improve both patient care and workflow. Trusts investing in the system can rest assured that the quality Shimadzu technology that is put into each retrofit system can, in the future, be fully integrated into the Shimadzu RadSpeed Auto-Positioning room or MX8 digital mobile, meaning trusts will make financial savings as the equipment won’t need replacing later when it comes time to upgrade.

“Designed with the user in mind, the digital control console is customisable and offers easy navigation and touch screen features to simplify procedures and optimise precision.”

Picture: The retrofit solution includes the DR detector with three-year warranty.

Published on page 13 of the January 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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