Latest mammography system brings harmony to put patients at ease

Fujifilm UK has launched the Harmony version of the Amulet Innovality mammography system with a range of new features. Incorporating both clinical and ambient upgrades, Harmony brings together advanced diagnostic performance with new design themes to create an environment that helps put patients at ease.

The Harmony version brings an upgrade to image processing and an increase in computing capability when compared to the earlier version of the Amulet Innovality. By combining Fujifilm’s Dynamic Visualization II for mammography and Iterative Reconstruction technologies an enhanced level of reporting performance can be achieved. In addition, improved S-View Plus offers a new synthetic 2D image that combines 3D power and 2D reading speed.

With striking gantry designs and room enhancements, the Harmony version aims to provide a calm environment for a relaxed patient experience. The designs were developed in the UK in collaboration with the Fujifilm women’s health team, and the package includes advanced room enhancement options in addition to gantry decals.

“We are delighted to be introducing our new Amulet Innovality Harmony mammography system in the UK,” said sales specialist women’s health Sally Cope. “By giving clinicians even more diagnostic clarity and confidence, Fujifilm supports improved patient outcomes. We have also put a lot of thought into the new Harmony designs, with the aim of creating a harmonious environment for the patient. All feature birds, which were chosen as a motif to reflect the natural world and as a symbol of freedom. Our hope is that these designs will offer patients something uplifting to focus on while their mammography is in progress.”

Picture: Birds were chosen as a motif on all the new Harmony’s decals, to reflect the natural world.

Published on page 26 of the April 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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