‘Lean’ means more at the Royal Bolton

Staff at Royal Bolton Hospital with the Axiom Aristos MX system. From left are Siemens business development officer Nancy Burton and regional sales manager Clive West with radiology and breast services manager Catherine Walsh, clinical manager Amanda Martin and orthopaedic team leader Sarah Mills.


Lean methods of workflow that have been successfully adopted by Royal Bolton Hospital, part of the Royal Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, have enabled the installation of two Axiom Aristos digital x-ray systems from Siemens Healthcare in specifically built orthopaedic suites.


Lean workflow refers to a culture of continuous improvement by breaking down processes and avoiding waste.  These principles have been in place at Royal Bolton Hospital for three years, but when the trust decided to move from film to digital x-ray technology, it partnered with Siemens to provide a fresh, expert perspective on how computed radiography and direct radiography would impact on workflow in the radiology department. 


This partnership resulted in the construction of two specialised orthopaedic rooms to re-organise the flow of patients and reduce the amount of processes taken.  Previously, orthopaedic patients were seen with the A&E department, but the new suites now allow them to be easily grouped into complex and simple cases, significantly speeding up treatment. 


“Working with Siemens gave us an expert, outside perspective on how to maximise the effects of Lean workflow, allowing us to greatly improve our efficiency and the service that we deliver,” said Catherine Walsh, radiology and breast services manager at Royal Bolton Hospital. 


See the full report on page 12 of the July 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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