Llandudno General chalks up 50,000 bone density scans

Pictured in the metabolic bone unit of Llandudno General Hospital following the achievement of performing more than 50,000 bone density scans during a 12-year period are osteoporosis specialist nurse sister Amanda Durber, senior radiographers Chris Hughes and Louise McBride with consultant in metabolic bone disease Dr Kirsty Maclean.  A Hologic Horizon A from Vertec Scientific was acquired in March this year, replacing a Hologic Discovery.

The unit and its associated osteoporosis service based at the hospital covers a population of 660,000 patients living in an area that includes Flintshire, Conwy and Denbighshire, Gwynedd and Anglesey.  Of the 50,000 scans, many are re-scans and there are still many referrals from the fracture liaison service.  The service currently completes 25 examinations every day.  Dr Maclean said: “The unit is pleased to announce the milestone and recognises the hard work of our team and contribution of the support we have from Vertec.”

See this report on page 24 of the November 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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