Llewellyn’s ability to think on his feet earns industry award

The AXREM UKIO virtual awards event took place at the end of June and was hosted by journalist and television presenter Bill Turnbull. The first award to be presented in person was to the ‘industry individual who went above and beyond during COVID-19’, sponsored by Hulbert Imaging, which was awarded to Siemens Healthineers MES supervisor Adam Llewellyn (pictured), who is based at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

During the virtual event Turnbull said that the pandemic tested the industry, which had to deliver large quantities of equipment in the shortest possible timescales, often working around the clock. This enabled NHS colleagues to be able to diagnose and treat the sickest COVID-19 patients. AXREM members also found quick solutions for those able to work from home so they could continue to carry out their work.

Llewellyn won the award because he has been described as the sort of person you only meet once in a lifetime: when the pandemic struck he thought on his feet, identifying equipment that could be used on the Aconbury ward when new medical devices would not arrive in time. This included relocating and commissioning devices from other hospitals in the county, including dialysis machines, anaesthetic equipment, ventilators and blood pressure monitors. This enabled the customer to provide additional capacity very quickly. When a large supply of devices was donated to the trust, Llewellyn and his team worked through the weekend to test the devices and ensure they were ready for use. He said: “It has been a tough year for everyone and with all the work we have done during this pandemic, it is absolutely amazing to receive this incredible award and one I will not forget.”

Published on page 4 of the August 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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