Lumicare ONE’s high level probe disinfection is achieved using UV-C

Many probes are classified as semi-critical devices requiring high-level disinfection (HLD) to mitigate the risk of infection transmission. 

It is vital that ultrasound probes are adequately disinfected between patients, especially following an intra-cavity or interventional procedures.  Developed in Australia with direct user input from clinicians and sonographers, Lumicare ONE is a device that delivers UV-C by high powered LED technology. Using UV-C irradiation the device disinfects probes in around 90 seconds, with automated validation and traceability providing benefits to patients and clinicians, and adherence to best practice guidelines.

UVC irradiation is a highly effective and reliable method for achieving high level disinfection (HLD).  High energy photons of UV-C light damage the RNA or DNA in pathogens, rendering the microorganism unable to replicate and spread infection.

Introducing the Lumicare ONE, delivering UVC by high-powered LED technology. 

LED technology presents many advantages, says Lumicare,  including energy efficiency, durability, compact size, and a longer operational lifespan. UV-C LEDs emit precise wavelengths, optimising germicidal efficiency, and eliminate environmental hazards and waste disposal challenges. UV-C LEDs generate minimal surface heat during operation, particularly important when processing sensitive oil-filled 3D/4D volume transducers. “For a cost-burdened healthcare service, UV-C LED technology can provide economic, environmental and safety benefits compared to other disinfection methods,” Lumicare says.

Best practice also demands detailed record-keeping and traceability.

The disinfection system reduces the burden of patient-transducer-operator traceability as it integrates with a hospitals’ PACS systems via Modality Worklist and DICOM Store.  Users select the patient on the Lumicare ONE, complete the required probe disinfection cycle and a digital record of the patient-transducer-operator data is sent to the patient’s file,.

Lumicare ONE – making light work of high-level disinfection.

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