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Diagnostic imaging equipment is typically divided into complex high-end machines such as CT and MRI scanners Tier 1 and Tier 2 modalities which include, but are not limited to, digital screening rooms, digital rad rooms, mobile x-ray equipment, dental x-ray equipment, mammography and ultrasound equipment.

Consequently, healthcare providers are looking for effective maintenance services on both tiers that are fast, dependable and adhere to international quality standards and support the clinical governance arrangements within patient-centric, clinically focused organisations.

The planned service, maintenance and reactive repair of diagnostic imaging (DI) equipment, after warranty, has typically been provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). However, over the past decade and more, Independent Service Operators (ISOs), have entered the rapidly growing and demanding DI market.

ISOs distinguish and differentiate themselves by offering lower costs for high-quality maintenance services, flexible delivery, and innovation in the contracting processes. They are typically not restricted to a particular vendor, unlike the OEMs. The revolution in this marketplace is no different to the disruption seen in the automotive servicing and repair industry where the legislation loosened the grip of car manufacturers on follow-up care and servicing as long as original parts were used and services were delivered to industry standards. This, and much more, is what Mi Healthcare brings to the Tier 2 Diagnostic Imaging marketplace and to customers.

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Mi Healthcare is the longest established (25 years) and one of the largest ISOs in the UK, specialising in Tier 2 and has developed both the depth of capacity and focused expertise to service equipment to exceptionally high standards, both expected by the equipment owners and in line with patient safety requirements. In pro-actively managing these processes Mi Healthcare ensures that systems are operating to their fullest capacity and that the life of these often expensive assets is maximised.

Our quality is reflected in the speed, reliability and flexibility of support that we provide to healthcare institutions. In fact, to succeed in business Mi Healthcare must demonstrate added value through their services. This means that ISOs must perform just as well – and preferably better – on safety, uptimes and cost as the OEMs.

As well as our technical excellence we are also mindful that the core of our business is a “people business” and as such we work to foster close partnerships and long-term working relationship with the customer – built around trust and rapport, as well as a greater understanding of the specific needs of the client in running their departments to provide the highest level of service and support.

Our approach of knowing and working with our customers to meet their and their patient’s needs also allows us to deliver customised services beyond the sole provision of planned maintenance and reactive repair. For example, Mi Healthcare as a trusted partner with established relationships are well placed to provide customers impartial advice when selecting a new device through a rental or procurement route, based on our familiarity of servicing a broad range of vendors rather than being tied to a single provider. In doing this we support the customer in investing in the right diagnostic systems and devices to meet their specific needs in supporting their patients.

Additionally, our depth of engineering ability, combined with a repair approach to exacting standards in consultation with customers, before immediately replacing, allows us to maintain older-generation equipment systems for which the OEMs have scaled back or dis-continued service, prolonging the life of these costly devices and assuring a better return on investment for our customers and ultimately taxpayers. As financial, operational and capacity pressures continue to mount many trusts are using vital DI equipment beyond the expected life-cycle of the individual units and within this environment Mi Healthcare acts as a key partner in actively servicing, maintaining and repairing older but still fully functional equipment to the standards demanded within modern imaging departments.

Mi Healthcare, as a customer focused vendor neutral provider, offers real opportunity and an alternative to the OEMs across the Tier 2 market extending the life of installed systems, providing excellent standards of maintenance and repair as reflected in unparalleled uptimes and offering real savings through competitive pricing and contractual innovation.

If you would like to explore the operational, financial and relationship opportunities of working with the longest established vendor neutral provider of Tier 2 diagnostic maintenance, repair and rental services then please contact Mi Healthcare today.

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